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Welcome to Our Kitchen!

Sweet Somethings is a family affair—in the beginning, fudge making was the hobby of one of our ten daughters. At the time, our family was traveling with another product to craft and trade shows around the country, and she decided to try her hand at peddling a particularly good fudge recipe she liked to make. We decided to give it a try, so in March of 2003, we set up shop at our first show with only three flavors of fudge and a lot of fresh cut flowers. We did pretty well, and our imaginations immediately went into overdrive.

Today, our product offerings include over ten different flavors of fudge, a variety of specialty products, and a constantly growing smorgasbord of unique and wonderful confections.

On this site, our family of candy-makers is pleased to offer you the best of all our creative experiements. Be sure to visit often, as we're always producing something new. Thanks for your visit!

- Jay & Suzanne Thomson and family

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