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Design Credits

This wouldn't be a real family website if we didn't brag a little bit about all the family talent. ;)
Here goes:


Figgie Photography Engagement SessionsAll the product pictures on this site are courtesy of our third oldest, Deborah Thomson. Deborah has been putting her artistic eye and love for cameras to good use for a couple years now, and within the last year has grown her business exponentially. She and her photography company, Figgie Photography, are gaining a name in the wedding and Figgie Photographyportrait photography business for a unique perspective and excellent post-processing skills.

Look her up if you need a photographer—she's amazing! In case you don't believe our possibly biased opinion, judge for yourself. Figgie Photography has an official site and is also active on Facebook.

Figgie Photography specializes in capturing pure moments of emotion. Deborah shoots family portraits, wedding and engagement sessions, and is always up for a unique project.

What do you want to remember? » www.figgiephotography.com


The Sweet Somethings Chocolate website design was created and implemented by our second daughter, Becky. Web design was one of Becky's first loves, although it's currently more of a hobby than anything else. Are you looking for a basic, inexpensive website? Give us a call—there's a good chance we can hook you up.


Silver Spoon Cakes | Custom Wedding CakesNaomi and her cakes are a fairly recent addition to the family repertoire, but definitely a welcome one. Naomi began her cake company after taking a few basic decorating classes, and has grown in skill like crazy ever since! Silver Spoon Cakes and its sole decorator takes pride in producing cakes delicious both in flavor and aesthetic.

Silver Spoon Cakes

Silver Spoon Cakes specializes in custom cakes for any occasion, and can skillfully recreate just about any design.


Fine chocolate confections for every taste. Chocolate party favors, chocolate pretzels, fudge for sale, fudge to buy.